Micromouse Symposium 2020

S. Pedro High School

October 3, 2020

Welcome from the General Chairs

Welcome to the 2nd International Symposium on Micromouse, held on 3rd October 2020, at S. Pedro High School, Vila Real, Portugal.

Situated in an area blessed by nature, close to the majestic mountains of Marão and Alvão, at the confluences of the Corgo and Cabril rivers, Vila Real is a city in Trás-os-Montes, county seat and district, and one of the most important in the province of Trás-os- Hills. With archaeological traces of human occupation since the Paleolithic period, Vila Real was chosen from an early age as the home of different peoples, as evidenced, for example, by the Rupestrian Sanctuary of Panóias, an indication of Roman presence. With the barbarian and Muslim invasions, Vila Real is undergoing a gradual depopulation, returning to gain importance in the beginning of the Middle Ages, being located between important northern road nodes, and, from the 17th century, the installation of Casa dos Marqueses makes many noblemen of the court here settle down. In fact, even today, numerous weapons stones can be seen that ennoble the facades of many buildings. Thus, there are several points of interest that this city offers, owner of a rich heritage, and of great religious fervor, as can be seen in the chapels of Misericórdia, São Brás, Bom Jesus do Hospital, or the Sé de Vila Real (of Dominican origin, in late Gothic style, whose construction started in 1424) or in the Churches of São Pedro or Bom Jesus do Calvário.


This will be the second Micromouse Symposium. It will be a small conference only about Micromouse, at the same day and in the same place of Micromouse Portuguese Contest 2020.

It is a great opportunity to meet old friends and colleagues, find new ones and attend many high-quality technical activities as well as very enjoyable social ones.

We hope Micromouse Symposium 2020 will be a remarkable and unforgettable event.


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